Gateway development appeal

The developers of the Gateway project have filed an appeal of the Planning Commission's denial of their proposed development on Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd. The City Council will hear that appeal on June 19. The TimeShare developers have requested multiple variances and exceptions for height, density, intensity of use, parking, etc. It is this development which likely began the Planning Commission and City Council hearings regarding raising height limits. The height, density, intensity of use issues have not been resolved. The agenda for the Council meeting has not yet been posted so time when the appeal will be heard is as yet unknown; it should be posted on the City of Saratoga web page shortly. The meeting begins at 7 PM but it is probable that the items will not be addressed until at least 7:30. Public input is wanted!! PUBLIC INPUT IS WANTED. The meeting takes place at the Council Chambers (The Theater) on Fruitvale Ave.


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